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Get Involved
Want to get more involved? Here at FOCC, we offer numerous opportunities for people to serve others, both in the church and in the local community. Jesus spent His entire life on earth serving others, and since His life is the perfect example of how we should live, we believe that it is our responsibility to do the same.
Check out our areas of ministry to serve below. For detailed information about our various serving opportunities, please submit a ministry application. A ministry leader will then contact you with more information about plugging into the ministry. We look forward to having you serve with us

The Teaching Department is concerned with ensuring the growth in the knowledge of the Word of God and maturity in the Word. At FOCC our focus is the growth and spiritual stability of members 2 Timothy 2:15 says study to show yourself approve to God.

Meeters and Greeters
The Meeters and greeters department are among the very first individuals to meet new guests and returning family members each week. Through their cheerful attitudes, friendly smiles, and gentle handshakes, we are all made to feel warm and welcome. Our Greeters also help to keep the congregation informed by handing out weekly bulletins and other informational materials.

The members of the Hospitality Team at FOCC operate with true servants’ hearts by providing refreshments when and where needed at weekend services and special events.

Protocol Department
The Protocol Department is concerned with ensuring the welfare and hospitality of guest ministers during their visits to FOCC. They are solely responsible for picking up and returning guest ministers to their desired destination. They also work closely with the hospitality department to ensure all needs of our invited VIPs are met promptly.

The intercessory department constantly communicates and petitions God on behalf of the pastorate and entire brethren within the church. They lead FOCC in making supplication to God for the church, community, country and the world at large. They lead such events as the FOCC intercessory prayer sessions, night vigils, 24 hour prayer, and prayer and fasting sessions.

Young Generation Ministries
The children’s ministry oversees the welfare of the children in FOCC. They provide Christian spiritual guidance to children in FOCC, so that they can grow to become what God wants them to be and fulfil their destinies in Christ Jesus.

The Evangelism (Make Us Known) Team leads FOCC in its vision to spread the gospel within our communities and beyond. This department helps us fulfil the Lord’s commandment.
They work alongside the Intercessory department to schedule prayer walks at strategic places in our locality and as the Holy Spirit leads. In addition to the above, they ensure that church leaflets, literature and tracts are available for distribution at all times. They are always seeking for ways to improve our evangelistic efforts and ensuring that FOCC is relevant to the local community.

The ushering department is responsible for ushering members of the congregation into designated areas assigned for them. They are usually very alert and strategically placed around the aisles during church services to ensure they attend to the needs of the congregation effectively and efficiently with very minimal disruption to the service. This is the group that shows kindness in welcoming members and guests to church. The ushers are charged with maintaining orderliness in services and keeping the Church in a decent and presentable condition.

Singles Fellowship
Singles Fellowship also known as the Generation Changers exists to empower the singles of FOCC to grow into mature Christians within an authentic community, where they can feel free to ask questions and develop their faith.

The members of the Hospitality Team at FOCC operate with true servants’ hearts by providing refreshments when and where needed at weekend services and special events.

The Treasury Department is solely responsible for handling the church finances. They count and record all of the churches takings at the end of each service. They ensure thorough audits of the finances are taken in conjunction with the pastorate..